I made my debut in cinema in the movie Peor Imposible qué mas puede fallar (2001) sharing the screen with the great Víctor Clavijo, the controversial Willy Toledo, and the beautiful Elsa Pataky.

I remember my first movie poster with great fondness. I am wearing a police hat, even though I never wore it in the film. Susana, my character, is always in a costume that Olivia Newton John wore in Grease. Do you remember?


My second job in cinema was in the film directed by Carlos Iglesias Un Franco 14 pesetas. I played MariCarmen, the same role that I would perform again, as a main character in the sequel to film, 2 Francos 40 pesetas. I remember the day they called me to tell me that I had been chosen. I answered very seriously and profesionally. When I hung up.

I started to jump with joy and tears dripped down my checks. I was going to shoot abroad! It was a dream of mine, coming true, and everybody in the street knew it.


A few months after I worked in this crazy comedy. I performed one of the main characters, Amohia, a nun who was also an engineer who tried tried to talk to God through the electomagnetic waves.


When Carlos sent me the script for his next movie, as soon as I read it, I fell in love with my character, Mari Carmen again. She was the same character I had played in Un franco 14 pesetas, and I took on the challenge.

I played two short but very funny characters in SUCIOS and SOBERBIOS and in FUERA DEL CUERPO and ISPANSI.



One day, at a movie premiere, I was introduced to Jose Mota, he had been the offered to play my husband in Un Franco 14 pesetas but wasn’t able to do it. He loved my work in the film. At that time he was shooting La hora de José Mota and a few weeks later, he called me to work with him.

We have performed in a lot of sketches for over 3 years, on TVE and afterwards, in Mediaset, as well as in the Christmas Special. This is my favourite sketch with Mota: “El Infiel”.


I have also worked in series such as Una nueva vida, A medias, Cuestión de sexo, Generación DF, Doctor Mateo, Hospital Central, La última guardia, La que se avecina, Alfonso el príncipe maldito, Marco, Toledo y Acacias 38.

I played an historic figure, María Cristina the Queen in Acacias38. It was a lot of fun and very exciting.


I always have found shelter on stage as well as a place to investigate and grow.

Since 2008, I have been an associate of the bilingual theater company Ñu Teatro. We have performed many plays in Madrid, and all over Spain. Most of the plays were written and directed by Paul D. Adkin.

In 2014 we were finalists in the International Classical Festival of Almagro with Noticias del nuevo mundo descubierto en la Luna (News From the Moon, by Ben Jonson). The Festival’s media team gave us this trailer filmed during our dress rehearsal.

And Full Dental, is the most most bizarre job interview in the history of time.

In Yo Consul I was the acrobat in a circus, in La Reina que no pudo reinar, a play about Isabel II of España where I was the queen; El juego de las sillas, a hilarious play about the War of Independence in Spain and Ñufo a children’s show. We also performed two plays in English, The day Rudolf lost his nose and Xmas fat, where I played Rudolf.

In Los Shumman, I sang Robert’s songs live. I remember that in one of the shows a German in the audience said to the director: Ángela del Salto has a terrific voice, but I couldn’t understand a single Word in German… Next a monologue, El payaso, De Nikdasky which was a very enriching experience as an actress. The play is a great lie, a critique of society and honoring failure


  • Currently I’m training with the amazing actor’s coach Bernard Hiller in LA and improving my Improvisation Skills at Bob Carter’s actors Workshop and Company in West Palm Beach.

  • Different Work-Shops:
    • John Strasberg, Drama.
    • Jose Carlos Plaza, Drama.
    • Paul D. Adkin, Meyerhold Biomechanics.
    • Jesús Fuente, Verso
    • Verónica Forqué, Comedy
  • Other Courses
    • Production, by Mario Pedraza.
    • Transmedia Storytelling, by ABC Guionistas and ArtMedia
    • Writing, by ABC Guionistas
    • TV connected, by iabspain

Download my CV or visit IMbd.

See you in the cinema, or on the stage…