Reel (2022-2024)

Less than 1 min reel showing different characters from projects shoot between 2022-2024 in the USA

Editing: Burak Angunes

Movies, in order of appearance:

  1. -The Mind, 2024 filmed by Damian Fitzsimmons.
  2. -The Waiting Room, 2023 filmed by Damian Fitzsimmons.
  3. -VitruviAna, 2022-20023 filmed by Agatino Zurria.
  4. -Dawn, 2023 filmed by Ignatius Blue.

Languages: EN/ES

Lovely acting memories

Some of my first works in Film and Tv, 2000 – 2015

Editing: Alvaro Collar

The Mind

Carmen is a best seller writer in the USA from Spain. During a party, the daughter of one of her guests, who absolutely admires her, asks Carmen what she does prefer… men or women?

A 1min 19sec  Short movie filmed by Damian Fitzsimmons.

The Vet Waiting Room

Justi is a loony and lonely European woman living between LA and Florida. Always talking to herself and her doggy, Lucas. Not aware of what is going on around when she tells her stories… Maybe is not as simple like she looks like.

A 2:42 Short film based on the book “Aventuras y Desventuras de una Actriz Española en USA”,  filmed by Damian Fitzsimmons.

Dawn (2023)

Dawn / The warmth of coffee / The breath of ocean on my skin  / A secret never to be revealed.

The freedom of sharing / The fragility of Bohemian crystal  / A success in my career / Proteins for lunch and strawberries

And then you call / And I don’t know why but there is no longer a scent of ocean on my skin

And I don’t know why but the secrets burn crimson / And I don’t know why but I want walk barefoot in the rain

Life is strange / Steering us off track / Holding us at bay / Trapping us in jails

I don’t go for a walk, I don’t want to wet my feet,  I simply write, I simply write

And I cry / For the skirted conversations, for past mistakes, for future confinements

And it’s not my future. But I love you, and my heart aches.

A poem by Angela del Salto. Written and directed by Angela del Salto DP. Ignatius Blue Editor. Agatino Zurria

Reel, before 2021

Compilation of some of my acting projects in Europe until 2021.

Maria Cristina, Acacias 38

Compilation of scenes featuring my role as Queen Maria Cristina during my time on Acacias 38.

Juego de roles

Romantic Comedy

Crazy but Sexy






Mother Drama

Gossip woman


Video consejos

Aquí cuento lo que me dijo una representante muy maja…

Trucos y consejos
Para que vayas un poco más tranqui a un casting, aunque los nervios sean buenos, intentemos que no nos traicionen.

Los 10 primeros pasos.
¿Quieres saber qué tienes que hacer para convertirte en actor o actriz profesional?, pues hay que ir poco a poco.

Cuaderno de Emociones

Programa sobre emociones de mujeres reales

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